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Barbara Braden, PhD, FAAN

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Diane L. Krasner, PhD, RN, CWCN, CWS, MAPWCA, FAAN

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1
Chronic Wound Care: An Overview

Chapter 2
International Interprofessional Wound Caring

Chapter 3
Science of Wound Healing: Translation of Bench Science into Advances for Chronic Wound Care

Chapter 4
Wound Assessment and Documentation

Chapter 5
Wound Cleansing, Wound Irrigation, Wound Disinfection

Chapter 6
Wound Debridement

Chapter 7
Cofactors in Impaired Wound Healing

Chapter 8
Infections in Chronic Wounds

Chapter 9
Pain in People with Chronic Wounds: Clinical Strategies for Decreasing Pain and Improving Quality of Life

Chapter 10
Health-Related Quality of Life and Chronic Wounds: Evidence and Implications for Practice

Chapter 11
Nutritional Strategies for Wound and Pressure Ulcer Management

Chapter 12
The Development of Wound Management Products

Chapter 13
Wound Dressing Product Selection: A Holistic, Interprofessional, Patient-Centered Approach©

Chapter 14
Interprofessional Perspectives on Individualized Wound Device Product Selection©

Chapter 15
Wound Product Selection Challenges: Developing Strategies for Your Practice Setting

Chapter 16
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Chapter 17
Risk Assessment in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Chapter 18
Support Surfaces: Tissue Integrity, Terms, Principles, and Choice

Chapter 19
Compression Therapies

Chapter 20
Offloading Foot Wounds in People with Diabetes

Chapter 21
Surgical Repair in Advanced Wound Caring

Chapter 22
The Role of Oxygen and Hyperbaric Medicine

Chapter 23
S C A L E Skin Changes At Life’s End©

Chapter 24
Best Practice Guidelines, Algorithms, and Standards: Tools to Make the Right Thing Easier to Do

Chapter 25
The Outpatient Wound Clinic